Closing Ceremony of Auto China 2018

On May 4, 2018, the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018) ushered in the closing ceremony and had great achievements at China International Exhibition Center.
The total exhibition area of Auto China 2018 reached 220,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,200 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions around the world. The exhibition displayed a total number of 1022 vehicles, including 105 premiers (16 of which were world premiers and the rest were Asian premiers), 64 concept cars and 174 new energy vehicles (124 were local brands). In addition, both old and new CIEC have attracted a total number of 820,000 visitors. Auto China continued to remain the leading position in the global auto shows in terms of the number of exhibiting brands, the quality of exhibition cars and the number of visitors.
At present, the global automotive industry is at the stage of transformation, such as market upgrades under new consumption trends, brand upgrades under new marketing circumstances, industrial upgrading under new energy environments, etc. Themed as Steering to a New Era, Auto China 2018 focused on the integration of smart mobility, digitalization and electrification, presenting the industrial innovation via the technologies of new energy vehicles, artificial intelligence and connectivity. Compared with the previous Auto China shows, the Auto China 2018 had the following features and highlights:
Smart mobility has become the core of auto enterprises’ innovation
With the rapid development of technology and the Internet, people’s lifestyle and consumption pattern have tremendous change; the automotive industry has also undergone disruptive revolution. The application of new technologies and new models continue to emerge, providing enormous space for the development of connectivity in the auto industry. Under this background, traditional automobile enterprises have accelerated the innovation of smart mobility, and large Internet companies started to play a role in the auto industry one after another. Compared with the conception spread in the previous Auto China exhibitions, Auto China 2018 released many more car models with smart mobility that are sold to the market. 
From car manufacturers’ perspective, all exhibitors have deployed long-term strategy in terms of future mobility, demonstrating the achievements of innovation in an all-round way. The audience truly felt that cars were changed from a simple travel tool to a multi-functional mobile device containing entertainments, socialization and co-sharing.
The future of new energy vehicles
According to the 2018 China Automobiles Hedge Ratio Report, the entire sales of new energy vehicles worldwide in 2017 exceeded 1.42 million units and the cumulative sales had exceeded 3.4 million units. In the end of 2017, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 1.8 million units, which accounted for more than 50% of the global cumulative sales. China has ranked the world's largest producer and seller of new energy sources for three consecutive years. At Auto China 2018, the number of new energy vehicles has reached 174 units including pure NEVs and hybrid NEVs, SUVs, MPVs and other models. Overall speaking, China’s NEVs were very competitive accounting for 70% of the total new energy exhibits (124 units). From the technical perspective, China’s NEV brands have demonstrated strong competitiveness both in terms of endurance mileage and battery technologies.
With the preferential policy, hybrid power has played an important role for vehicle energy-saving technologies. This exhibition had various highlights of hybrid models, providing consumers with a wide range of choices. Under the dual drive of policies and markets, new energy vehicles have become a general trend. 
New forces and traditional car manufacturers merge in integration
Over a dozen of new vehicle manufacturers have jointly conducted a large-scale group performance at Auto China 2018. Whether it is the continuously popular SUV models or the concept cars leading the technology, the new car manufacturers have presented many innovative highlights from their product intelligent functions and promotional strategies.
Facing the layout of smart mobility, autonomous driving and new energy by new auto manufacturers, how should traditional car manufacturers respond to the challenges, adjust their strategies and drive themselves to transformation? How should new car manufacturers confront the challenges from industrial chain and consumers when entering into massive production? In the current situation where traditional car enterprises are gradually being broken and competition is becoming increasingly intense, we have seen the two forces holding hands together in this auto exhibition. Cooperation and development in the complementary fields is surely an optimal solution. 
China’s local brands continue to advance premium car models
China's auto industry has changed from high-speed growth to high-quality development. In this process, a group of representative Chinese brands which try to become internationally competitive have emerged. A large number of China’s local brands demonstrate the strategic plan for the development of mid-to-high-level car models. Behind the upgrading of China’s local brands is the promotion of core technology, as well as the influence of multiple factors such as new policies, new technologies, new forces and so on.
Commercial vehicles develop stably
In the past two years, the domestic commercial vehicle market has experienced significant sales growth due to multiple stimulations from the new policies and standards. In 2017, domestic production and sales reached 4,208,700 units and 4,160,600 units respectively. The exhibition area of commercial vehicles in this auto exhibition was nearly 10,000 square meters, attracting many mainstream commercial vehicle companies such as SAIC, Foton, China North Industries Group Corporation, JMC and Changjiang EV etc. The exhibits covered heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, passenger cars and new energy vehicles, so as to show that commercial vehicles are equipped with smart mobility, connectivity, premium technologies and products. 
Parts and components area focused on technological content
In this auto show, domestic and foreign spare companies expressed high enthusiasm for participation, actively responding to the technical trends of electrification, smart mobility and connectivity; also displaying their latest technologies of zero commission, autonomous driving, connectivity and related concept cars. 
There were not only conventional power products such as gearboxes, electric water pumps, variable valve timing systems, in-cylinder direct injection systems, but also electric powertrains and vehicle integrated control systems, including hybrid power motor, lithium battery, stereo camera, millimeter-wave radar, autonomous ECU equipment, as well as new electrical systems that can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.
Summit redefining the new automobile era
The 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition Summit organized by the Auto China 2018 Organizing Committee was successfully held in the conference hall of China International Exhibition Center new venue on April 25. More than 300 senior executives, experts and scholars, as well as government representatives attended the Summit. The industrial elites shared many successful cases of transformation and upgrading in the global automotive industry, they discussed new tendency through cross boundary communication and brainstorming, providing new motivation for the dramatic changes in the automotive industry. 
Media attention all over the world
A total number of 13,563 domestic and foreign journalists from 3,194 institutions and 45 countries participated in Auto China 2018; among them, there were 1,373 foreign journalists from 445 overseas media. Moreover, 94 press conferences were held during two media days. Through unique perspectives, journalists spread the grand scene of Auto China 2018 to the whole world.
Charity activities brought warmth to the exhibition
The organizer of Auto China 2018 was actively involved in the growth and education of teenagers, this time particularly organizing a series of charity activities. For example, in collaboration with the China Social Welfare Foundation's Autism Child Aid Fund, the Autism Art Recovery Project was launched with the theme of Sharing New Life; as a result, people from all social sectors have increased their understanding and attention to this particular community. In addition, there was an auto-themed science culture tour, also called Nissan Dream Building Classroom project, inviting students to feel the charm of car culture in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, expanded their vision and let them experience the endless fun through personal practice.
Intimate services to ensure the orderly conduct of the exhibition
The organizers and sponsors have always adhered to the characteristics of Excellent Exhibits, Full Brands and Internationalization, devoting to the improvement of exhibition management and service level. The exhibition continued the previous successful experience and service measures, such as ticket-sale via Taobao, tickets delivery, off-peak visiting period etc. By doing these to strengthen the onsite security, catering, communication, information consultation, guidance and volunteer service.
The success of Auto China 2018 also thanked to the great support by the Beijing municipal and Shunyi-district government departments. In the aspects of security protection, traffic management, anti-terrorism, on-site firefighting, environmental sanitation and comprehensive management, the exhibition provided a strong service guarantee to enhance the general integrated service level of the exhibition substantially. Hereby, the hosts and organizers of Auto China 2018 would express sincere gratitude to all the staff and volunteers participating in this auto show, as well as media friends who have paid continuous attention to the Auto China exhibitions. In terms of services and organization, Auto China still needs better improvement to satisfy the demands and expectations from the public and its followers. The organizer will continue to innovate and promote the brand of Auto China based on the initial desire, therefore to fulfill the public’s pursuit and aspiration for a better new era.